Dr. Saad Saad On Helping Children All Over The World

Four decades as a pediatric doctor Dr. Saad Saad shows no signs of slowing down. He is the Co Medical Director at the Hovnanian Children Hospital in Neptune City, New Jersey where he practices compassion and care for every patient, no matter how big or small.


He is fluent in two languages, English and Arabic which would come in handy in this line of work. Earlier in his career Dr. Saad Saad would be asked to work for Saudi Royal in the city of Riyadh, so he packed up his family and moved there. In the four and a half years there, Dr. Saad Saad would accomplish quite a lot. The board certified pediatric surgeon worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, where he not only treated royalty but poor children too. One of the highlights of his career at that hospital was saving the life of the youngest baby with a aneurysm. It was even published in a world class scientific journal to inform and educate parents. He was able to perform so many surgeries from simple to very complicated ones. Through his time there Dr. Saad Saad gained the trust and respect of his colleagues and patients. Even the hospital’s assistant chief had let Saad Saad care for his young son instead of any other doctor in the world.


As a doctor who truly cares about his patients well being Dr. Saad Saad is always challenging the status quo of the healthcare system bringing a sense of humanity into it. He also patented two inventions that would revolutionizes two medical instruments so it would be a lot easier for doctor to use and less pain or uncomfortably for their patients. One of the devices helps find catheters inside the body without taking invasive measures to find them. The other was a endoscope with a suction device so doctors can see clearly inside a patient’s body. There two devices have really helped and many doctors uses them now.


In his over 42 years as a pediatrician Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of surgeries ranging from simple to complex. He also has a heart of gold and went on a total of 12 medical missions to help poor children in need of surgery but who clearly could not afford them. These often life saving surgeries would change their lives indefinitely thanks to the doctor. Four of the medical missions Dr. Saad Saad went on where in the United States, where he currently lives. The other eight were to Jerusalem. He has even won two awards for outstanding work in his field and compassion for his patients. The first one is called the Patients’ Choice Award for having nearly perfect score from his patients and the other award is called the Compassionate Doctor Recognition. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/


The Name Lee May Is Synonymous With Baseball

Major League Baseball is the one sport that is definitely All American. Diehard fans have helped push baseball to the top of the favorite sports chart. In July of 2017, the sport lost one of it’s most beloved Hall of Fame players. Lee May, who played for the Reds, was a power house on the baseball field. From Birmingham, Alabama, he signed with the team in 1961. He was on the farm system until he played his rookie game in 1967. He gave an admirable performance, and was named Sporting News Rookie of The Year. A team mate nicknamed him The Big Bopper of Birmingham.


Lee May lead the team in home runs in 1968 and 1969, and was an extremely powerful hitter. May was a very persuasive man with a no nonsense, easy going personality, and a contagious sense of humor. His words carried a lot of weight in the club house with his team mates. Tommy Helms was one who reacted positively to May’s clear directives. Labeled the Big Red Machine, lee May and his team mates dominated the National League in 1970. The Reds did a clean sweep of the Pirates, and competed against the Baltimore Orioles in the all famous world Series Game. May was a shining star, batted a 389 in the Series.


The Series had the Reds trailing five to three at one point. May batted a three run homer that put them ahead in the Series. Although the Series ended with the Orioles on the winning end, the Reds had proven themselves to be great contenders for the title. After several seasons with the Reds, May was sent to Houston to play with the Astros. He later played for the Royals and the Orioles. After 1982, Lee May became the hitting instructor for the Royals.


Dr. Johanan Rand is the owner of the Healthy Aging Medical Center clinic. He started the clinic after training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. As a medical enthusiast, he is committed to giving his patients the best services researched on medical treatment. He mostly specializes in addressing ageing problems by use of a therapeutic model. This is done by addressing symptoms at the origin of the issue thus creating a lasting impact that patients always appreciate.

Some of the age-related conditions that Dr. Johanan Rand treats include, low libido, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, night sweats among many others. His mode of treatment includes the use of regenerative medicine that is inclusive of each patient. Such services offered include anti-ageing therapies and weight loss programs.

In the case of anti-ageing therapies, ageing is the leading cause of individuals losing good hormones such as progesterone and testosterone. At the same time, terrible hormones start increasing such as insulin thus causing the body to store more fat. The therapy here is to administer bioidentical hormones which are hormones identical chemically to those existing within the organization. This will lead to higher energy levels, stable stamina and lower incidences of attack by diseases.

The HCG diet was also introduced by Dr. Johanan Rand to his patients. This diet aims to lose weight, and it was very successful. The diet takes advantage of a hormone released by pregnant women which ensures that muscles are not deteriorated when one is in the process of losing weight. The good thing with those following the diet is that they do not experience hunger even though it’s a low-calorie diet. Since the diet is easy to follow, it can be taken as a long-term remedy thus ensuring permanent results.

For erectile dysfunction, it comes about due to a reduction in hormone testosterone. This makes men to be quickly attacked by diseases. Since the bad hormones will be in large number, inflammatory conditions become more common. Such a problem is solved by treatment psychologically and replacement of hormones.

Nutrition which involves balancing all types of consumables and doing lots of exercise according to body requirements is key to a healthier life. It helps from contracting old age-associated diseases.


IC Systems Professional Collections Services and High Regards for Corporate Responsibility

For 80 years since it was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System has remained a family business for three generations providing Accounts Receivable Management services in North America. It is among the largest collections firm in the US that offers ethical collections whether commercial or consumer accounts at all levels of revenue management routine. They are bonded and licensed in all the 50 states and hence operate throughout the US collecting debts even in Puerto Rico and Guam.


Their clients include small firms and several brand sensitive Fortune 500 companies. They are based in St. Paul, Minnesota with a branch office at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Using technology, innovation promotion and an emphasis on data security in intelligent collections, they have been able to come up with upper-echelon client performance. The founding principles were the improvement of financial outcomes for consumers through ethical and honest service delivery. They have sought to follow and comply with current TCPA, CFPB, and 501(r) regulatory standards.


Being an accounts receivable company, IC Systems maintains a constant check on its practices to make sure they are updated with the industrial standards. They have a strong Compliance Risk Management System that carries extensive auditing, proper documentation, and demanding training.


Apart from being original creditors’ top provider of receivable management services, they have a social responsibility and giving back to the community efforts and commitment. Being part of the community is the firm’s belief and is a recognized employer in its neighborhood and city and have charitable events at the state and national level.


To ensure that they nurture and uphold a social corporate responsibility culture, IC Systems has institutionalized its efforts by founding an in-house philanthropic team. Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) was started in 1981 and organizes employees’ calendar of charitable events. ECHO comes up with means and ways to get employees to volunteer at philanthropic outreach efforts, manages community activities, and arranges donation events.


In 2016, they raised $32,000 and clocked 530 hours of community activities. ECHO liaise with other partners to come up with drives and events such as collection of food from local pastries. Some of the events they have taken part in are Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics, and the American Red Cross.


Jorge Moll: A Renowned Neuroscientist

Jorge Moll is a well-known neuroscientist. He is the president and director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education. Jorge has been known for a long time in investigating the functioning of the brain and the physical nature effects of the human decision-making. He specializes in cognitive neuroscience. Jorge’s most research activities focus on moral cognition and neural bases of behavior. His work major on offering an invaluable look at how the brain works in matters around ethics and morality.


Jorge Moll researched in 2006 together with other scientists at National Institute of Health. The research has brought up many issues and concerns on how the functionality of the brains affects the behavior of people in matters of morality and altruism. Moll together with Jordan Grafman, a neuroscientist, designed the study. The study focused on scanning the brains of the individuals who were appointed. They got involved in the donation of money for charitable events and the other option of keeping it for themselves.


The research showed that the individuals who made the decisions that were towards benefiting others some parts of the brain was activated. The brain response is associated with the portion of the brain function on sex and food. This is to mean that people give donations or give to help others because it activates some centers and makes them feel good. This meant that most of the generations in line with spiritual leaders and philosophers who are known to be generous givers because it makes them feel good. Jorge Moll continues to explore the issue in that the brain has a role in morality. The findings pointed out that the morality is fundamental. The concept has been furthered by the many other studies that point out to the species in making ethical decisions. All these studies point out that empathy is a foundation of morality. This study is connected to how it affects the human awareness of doing right or wrong. The research is still moving on with more issues relating to moral responsibility. There is a probability that the thinking changes with how the morality level of a person is formed. More topics are done and being under conduct to ensure that it runs well.

Graham Edwards as CEO of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has severed as the chief executive of Telereal Trillium since 2001, when it was formed. Under Edwards guidance, Telereal Trillium was able to grow to become the market leader in property outsourcing and investments.

Before taking on the role as CEO at Telereal, Graham Edwards worked as a fund manager for Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Overtime, he has become a business expert and has multiple business interests. He has worked in mining, software development, and real estate as a few examples.

Graham Edwards is also a philanthropist. He serves on multiple boards in his community including One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and British Friends of the Hebrew University. He remains an active member in society outside of his role as CEO.

Graham Edwards responds to the restructure of the company by stating that “it is an appropriate response to the changing demands and priorities of our business.” The team has a great deal of experience. They have plans in place in order to develop growth for their stakeholders and provide excellent services to their property partners. They hope to continue to grow as the UK’s largest property portfolios.

Russell Gurnhill, former joint managing director, will take a step up and become the new chief executive.

Adam Dakin also previously served a joint managing director. He will now take on the role as managing director. Within this new role, he will be directly responsible for new business and services.

Graeme Hunter carries on with the responsibility of all property matters within the company. Michael Hackenbroch will also continue with the role of managing financial matter as the group finance director.

Telereal Trillium is based out of London and has partnerships in BT, Aviva, the DVLA, and Royal Mail. Trillium was originally established in 1997 with the purpose of obtaining the Department for Works and Pension portfolio. Telereal Trillium manages several properties, including The Department for Works and Pension along with 8000 other properties. The company has a reputation of managing risk and reducing costs.

Meet Perry Mandera Whose Drive For Service Is Just Unquenchable

“Do it right the first time”. This is a common phrase that’s usually part of this great service man whenever he is advising the upcoming businesspersons and entrepreneurs, after all, an entrepreneur just wants to get it right just for once and off he will grow to heights. By taking a closer professional gaze at the life of the heroic Perry Mandera, there are a lot of things and wisdom to learn and glean especially from his recession journey. The outstanding abilities that have enabled him to excel in various businesses and offer his service to others simultaneously are very beneficial not only to the young adults but also to the middle-aged and elderly.

Perry Mandera perhaps has the same heart of the likes of Mother Teresa especially when it comes to offering community support. His life revolves around supporting the community in various dimensions and forms right from his service in the army, having an office to establishing his own company that has employed hundreds of individuals all over Illinois State. He has been committed for years in charitable works and now his own founding of Custom Cares Charities Inc. is a great indication of his commitment to helping others.

The heart of service was modeled in Perry Mandera while still, he was young. After high school, he joined Marine Corps Reserves and was pushed into the transportation department. His work was transporting troops and supplies; this shaped his career path and the connection he had with his fellow army men still is evident whenever he talks about it. After becoming a civilian, his commitment to helping the community was not quenched and in 1984 he became a Republican Ward Committeeman in the 26th ward in the State of Chicago. He served the public for 4 years despite being the youngest to have sat on that seat.

After leaving the political office, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 which came to transform his life and that of others. The company has various branches besides its headquarters at Northlake, which are fulfilling all the transportation needs of their customers fully. Perry Mandera has been recognized by ITA as one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives and has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors at ITA.

Stansberry Research: A World Leader in Financial Publications

Although the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock indices have sprung back since February 2018, the sudden drop raised anxieties in some countries that the economy of China might fall off a cliff. However, there have been exaggerations on the dire situation. According to an article published by Stansberry Research, the external environment has never been as favorable as it is since the recession of 2008.

In the United States, the primary issue is the growth of wage figures that always come in at beyond expectations, provoking fears over inflation and potential hawkish moves by its Federal Reserves. Such a situation can create commotion in the stock market but experiencing a crash is very unlikely due to the underlying strength of the economy of the US. In the same way, Europe seems relatively stable with its debt crisis and the Central Bank of Europe is deliberating on whether to pare down quantitative easing.

All these realities indicate that there’s very little straightforward evidence of global economic conditions deteriorations. China also is enjoying a swift phase of development. The main concerns in the domestic economy of China revolve around the corporate debt burden, non-performing assets, real estate, industrial overcapacity and overheating high leverage in their financial system. So, the economy of China will continue developing in the global economy steered by the market economic principles. Therefore, it’s improbable that it is going to crash, a likelihood that would put the entire world in jeopardy.

Stansberry Research, formerly known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research is an independent investment research company founded in 1999. Besides his editorial role, the founder of the firm, Frank Porter Stansberry creates opinion articles in various financial publications discussing controversial and diverse subjects ranging from the European financial panic to the auto bailout among others.

The other public information efforts by Stansberry include a 2012 endeavor focusing on restructuring American governance entitled of “The Project to Restore America,” as well as the production of “The End of America,” a 2011 infomercial. Porter Stansberry is the editor the Investment Advisory at Stansberry and the founder of the Stansberry Research. Before the inception of Stansberry Research back in 1999, Porter was the very first American editor of The Fleet Street Letter, the oldest financial letter in the English language.

Christopher Linkas’ Advice to Young People

Few people can parallel Chris Linkas’ expertise in financial affairs in the county. Chris has been supervising a team of experts that has been dealing with identification of investment opportunities from various parts of Europe. He is, therefore, highly experienced in financial matters and any advice from him on this topic is worth listening to and implementing. Chris advises all people irrespective of their ages.


In all his talks, it is difficult for him to evade advice on investments. This is because he believes investing is the way to gain wealth. His concern about young people is that they are highly reluctant to invest, especially in the stock trading markets. Chris advises that the age of the youth should not be an excuse for not investing. He advises that they should be vigilant in financial matters as early as possible.

The following are some of the tips that Chris offers to young people concerning investing in stocks:


  1. Reinvesting dividends

Many young people are unaware of the benefits of reinvesting in stocks. This is one of the surest ways earning money without having to worry about the current stock price. Reinvesting enables one to earn money through two means easily. One of them is through earning of interest. This interest is usually compounded on the new figure. Therefore, your investment keeps growing and ultimately you’ll have enough to enjoy in the retirement days.


  1. Risk at a young age

Chris argues that young people are best placed to risk their capital as they have limited uses. This urge to gamble declines with age when more responsibility is added. It is, therefore, good to try out new ventures at a young age. Some of the most successful businesses today were started at a time when nobody dared to start. Today, they are profitable firms earning millions of dollars for the owners.


  1. Learn from past mistakes.

Young people are prone to making mistakes due to their aggression when investing. Chris Linkas advises that errors are part of the trade. However, he says that the most crucial bit is learning from them and building on lessons learned.

Glen Wakeman: Training New Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

Starting a business can be a scary and trying time for new entrepreneurs. Wasted time, money, and business failure are among the fears of every business owner. That is why it is important to seek sound advice that will give one the ability to make the most out of their venture. That’s where Glen Wakeman comes in. Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur known for his 20-year success as a nomadic worker at General Electric. Thanks to Glen, General Electric now has a multinational establishment that has close to $12 billion in assets. It also gives more than 17,000 people the ability to work and take care of their families. Glen Wakeman started Launchpad Holdings, which is a business that helps new entrepreneurs in the first stages of business start-up. It came about as Glen began to notice how many people would come to him asking for advice on how to start up their business. Each person wanted information on a different type of business. That is when Glen realized that he could make a positive difference in the lives of entrepreneurs by helping them manage their new business. Some of the industries Glen received questions on were retail shops, babysitting, and even roller coaster builders. Taking note of the patterns in their questions led to the creation of his business that reached more people. Launchpad is a software that leads patients to success through a series of questions. It helps entrepreneurs create a foundation for success in their business. It operates off of a five-step method. The first step is marketing. Marketing focuses on the ability to create a product that will benefit consumers. Next, there is the operational stage that focuses on the steps needed to accomplish the business’s goals. The third step engages business owners and their team members in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses so that they can use them to the best of their ability to make the company a success. The fourth step is understanding and planning financially. The final step is risk management. Understanding the risk is the most critical step as taking the wrong risks can cause the business to fail. Taking the right risks will cause the business to succeed.