Genome Research Firm ForeSite’s CEO and Executive M.D, Jim Tananbaum Welcomes Dr. Molly He

The leading genomic research center and pharmaceutical company, Foresite recently welcomed Dr. Molly Ph.D., as one of the board partners. The highly experienced researcher brings an untold wealth into the well-funded R&D Departments of the San Francisco-based institution.

New partner at ForeSite

According to Businesswire upon the official confirmation of the appointment of Dr. Molly, the CEO and M.D of ForeSite Capital Inc. Jim Tananbaum had this to say. He was mighty glad that the revered scientist had agreed to come and work with them. Jim Tananbaum referred to her as an invaluable asset citing her close to twenty years’ experience in the genome sequencing arena. ForeSite Inc. hopes to make many great positive strides moving forward thanks in part to the significant contribution of the eminent researcher.

Dr. Molly’s move to ForeSite was preceded by yet another successful stint at Illumina Inc. also a giant genome splicer technologies firm in the USA. While at Illumina her main responsibilities revolved around helping work with partner scientists to come up with means and ways to view the entire gene sequencing in proteins, in real-time. Previous to that, the scientist held a top-ranking position over at Nankal University. Her core focus was studying how to manipulate cells such that they can attack specific cells: cancer cells.

Publications and Patents

She’s written plenty of ground-breaking research findings over the course of the decade she spent analyzing how to make nanobot-like-cells to boost the system immunity. As a matter of fact, Dr. Molly currently holds the exclusive rights to 20 plus patents on medical applications of her studies. She received her top honors Doctorate at the University of California (UCLA).She holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the university of Nankal.

About ForeSite Capital

It is just your everyday successful hedge fund investment firm but with a slight twist. ForeSite specializes mostly on investments in the healthcare industry. It gets headed by one of the smartest scientistists of our time. Jim Tananbaum is an almnus of Harvard Medical School, MIT and the Harvard Business School to top it all up. Thanks to his refined acumen investors are almost assured of walking away triple digit gains on their initial investments. The core sectors of the company owned and run by Jim Tananbaum are in are in genomics, biotechnology, medical and health services. The outlet has recently embarked on an ambitious expansion project which has seen it open up a new branch in New York. ForeSite currently operates with San Francisco as the HQ.

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Instant Alliance Pioneered by Rona Borre is the Talk of the Town

When Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in 2001, she knew exactly what she was doing. Success does not come about by accident, or everyone would suddenly become prosperous by accident. Borre realized that to succeed in the competitive staffing market she would have to offer something unique.


She simply continued doing what she had done previously in her high-paying job with another global staffing company. While competitors are wasting their time combing through hundreds of resumes Borre would spend time with the executives of her client companies and learn exactly what they wanted and needed, and then go after those particular individuals.


This procedure has worked so well that her firm has become one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the country and Instant Alliance bills out millions of dollars to clients on an annual basis. When she has the right answers to the right questions, she can find the people her clients need. Borre also specializes in areas that are always in demand such as technological and financial professionals. Good articles here on


Borre’s technique works well as evidenced by the stunning results that she has been able to achieve. Borre is also very active in Chicago business affairs, and she acts in leadership positions with such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network. Turn to this page.


Borre is in great demand as a speaker at civic clubs and business meetings and appears in that capacity as her time permits.


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UKV PLC – Providers Of Top Quality Drinks

UKV PLC is an online retail that sells fine wine, champagne, along with their respective accessories and also provides services and counselling for clients. The company mainly specialises in fine wine. It is base in the United Kingdom but works in partnership with many traders in order to source products of rich variety.

The UKV PLC company is able to operate and source products from an international network because the company is independent. Ne worldwide network that the corporation works with includes merchants, traders, brokers, etc. The website of UKV PLC is a catalogue of fine wine and champagne. They also offer crates, glasses, openers, and a variety of other accessories that allow the client to have an even better experience having the wine or champagne.

The consulting services that UKV PLC provides are delivered by a team of connoisseurs. They are experts that have had training and know well the products that are offered on the site. The clients have the ability to have a consultation over the phone or to meet in person either at the customer’s house or one of the offices of UKV PLC. The consultants will pick out the best wine or champagne for the special event according to the menu being served.

UKV PLC does not only look for merchants and traders to source from, but they are also available as distributors. If a retailer can offer products of the highest quality, they are encouraged to get in contact with UKV PLC and make their offer. That offer does not only apply to wine and champagne but drinking glasses, openers, and other accessories as well.

UKV PLC is among the most prominent retailers of fine wine and champagne. They make sure that the products listed in their catalogue are original and of the highest quality.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner, Bruce Levenson…Does Good

On-campus higher education has been lacking a certain practicality in their curriculum for a long time. This lack of practicality may be one of the reasons why alternative learning environments are on the rise. An alternative education program can offer more emphasis on smaller sized classrooms, closer and more productive relationships between students and teachers, and in some cases…a sense of community. The University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute, founded by Former Atlanta Hawk’s owner, Bruce Levenson serves as an outstanding model for this higher education paradigm.

Levenson knows a lot about both business and philanthropy. He began his career in the late 1970’s when he and a friend started UCG in Levenson’s Maryland apartment. In 2004, he acquired the Atlanta Spirit LLC; this team eventually became the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson sold the Hawks in 2014, see Forbes’ report on this. As a successful businessperson, Levenson has always been heavily philanthropic throughout his career. He is a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in D.C. and in the past, has served as the Washington Chapter President of I Have a Dream Foundation, which helps low-income children pursue higher learning. With the Do Good Institute, Levenson is redefining philanthropy by assembling groups of idealistic students and producing future pioneers who will spearhead innovative projects and ventures that will change the world and better the lives of those who live in it.

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Bob Reina Helps You Find Your Inner Self

There are plenty of things to love and admire about the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is known as the very best in voice, data, and chat. That has not happened by mistake and that has not happened by pure luck. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears. That has never been something that has scared Bob Reina or anyone that works at Talk Fusion. They know they have to put the work in and keep getting better and better. They have been around since 2007, so this marks their ten-year anniversary, which is a great milestone for the company.

The reason they have been able to do this is because they have stayed current and they have listened to the customers. They have also never gotten too big for their britches. Also, they have kept active in the community. For example, Bob Reina made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. That is the type of man that he is and the type of human being he is, without question. It is also encouraged with his employees, as they can give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. There are also thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion for people that wish to try out Talk Fusion for themselves and see how great it works.

With Talk Fusion, they get video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences to name a few of the products. They know that if something is working from home, they have a lot on the line and a lot at stake. This is their life and this is their business. It is personal to them in the best way possible and that is why people are responding to it. It is hard to fake something like this in the business world as people can tell what is artificial and phony.

With the world changing each and every single day, now is the time to join Talk Fusion and see how it can change the lives of those that are looking to live a life that is completely and utterly true to their inner self.


Equities First Holdings was established in the year 2002. The organization provides lending services to both individuals and organization that needs funding without having the bureaucratic aspect of verifying the loan purpose. The lending is security based for the customers and is determined through evaluation based on the risks and future performance associated with bonds, stocks and treasury securities. The company has a global coverage where they are in a position to finance the clients despite their physical location.

Equities First Holdings was created to fill the gap in the market through lending people backed with securities. The organization thrives in financing borrowers who do not meet banks’ lending criteria in a majority of the cases. Bank lending have become complicated with strict lending qualifications and increased lending interests that put off people. It is this category of people that the bank targets. The advantage of this loan is that it has a higher loan- value ratio as compared to normal margin ratios that rely on fixed interest.

One advantage of the borrowers in this category is that they benefit from lower fixed interest rates. The unique aspect about the organization is that it provides financing against publicly trading shares across the world. It helps continuity of the different businesses despite the strict bank guidelines. The organization is in a position to monitor the progress of the stocks in the stock exchange. In Australia the organization has a team of passionate people that strive to make the business a success.

This has helped the organization penetrate the market in the recent past hence increasing the customer base in Australia. The organization is based on integrity and transparency, and relies on legal and regulatory counsel before making any decision. The mission of the organization is to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk to help their customers accomplish both personal and professional goals. The organization in this case, does not lose in any way as they are in a position to liquidate the collateral.

How Samuel Strauch Has Managed to Capture the Miami Real Estate Business

Samuel Strauch is a fully certified real estate agent with an excellent 14-year background in the industry. He is currently working with Affinity Realty Group Inc. located in Miami Beach. Samuel Strauch holds a record of being among the 12% successful home sellers and among the 16% of agents who successfully sell homes quickly.

Samuel Strauch attended Hofstra University where he graduated with a bachelor of business administration in international business. Samuel Strauch also attended Erasmus University Rotterdam in Netherlands and graduated where he majored in international finance and marketing.

Miami continues to be one of the best holiday destinations in the country. Among the most visited part of Greater Miami is the Miami Beach which recorded over 8 million visitors in 2016. The famous holiday destination also recorded an increase in tourists’ total expenses of 4.3% from 2015.

With an increase of people flocking Miami, a swelling need for more hotels, luxury villas and apartments has made Miami become a boiling point of real estate development in the last five years. Hospitality leaders and real estate developers in Miami have come together to try and find a sustainable solution for handling and catering for these numbers.

Hyde Resort & Residence located in Hollywood is a good example of actionable plans being implemented by developers in Miami. The building consists of 40 condominiums and 367 resort units, which are available for renting out to other people when owners are not in town.

Due to this high demand, the region has experienced a rise in the square meter price. According to Samuel Strauch, the figure currently stands at $7,000 per square meter, which is more than triple the price in other nearby states. This can be seen as among the contributing factors of the slowdown in real estate business in Miami in 2017. However, many developers expect the market to experience some marginal growth.

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Vinny Parscandola: Determined leader and Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors

Vinny Paracandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of the global insurance firm, AXA Advisors, based in New York. Vinny Parascandola has over three decades of remarkable service in the insurance industry. He first began his career as a field manager, and through hard work and determination moved on to become Chief Sales officer. He then worked his way up to become President of the Continental Divison. His unsurpassed industry knowledge, significant hands-on knowledge and unyielding pursuit to provide outstanding insurance service for his clients has led Vinny Parascandola to be awarded numerous times for his role in the significant advancement in the risk management field. Under Vinny Parascandola’s capable leadership, AXA has seen extensive sales growth, more efficient productivity, and the impressive development of training for more than 225 professional agents based in Central New Jersey.

Education of an Insurance Leader

Vinny Parascandola is a graduate of Pace University’s Lubin’s School of Business. Earning his Bachelor of Science, Vinny Parascandola returned in 2014 as key speaker for the graduating class. His inspirational speech has since made him a much sought after public speaker within the insurance industry. He is currently a member of GAMA and has been awarded the affiliations illustrious Career Development and Master Agency Awards.

Vinny Parascandola, Humanitarian and Philanthropist

Vinny Parascandola is deeply involved with The AXA Achievement Scholarship, a foundation that provides scholarship opportunities for ambitious U.S citizens. The AXA Achievement scholarship also supports corporate responsibility, and integrates diversity in the workplace. AXA advisors have also donated millions to further humanity by funding research based projects to 22 countries worldwide. The research institutions who have been provided funding include, MetOffice, LSE, NUS, and University of Bristol. Threats to the environment, human life, and society, in general are core philanthropic endeavors taken seriously by Vinny Parascandola and the AXA advisors, working together to make the world a better place.

The Growth of Fabletics into a top E-Commerce Enterprise

Kate Hudson is a famous entrepreneur and actress. She has mainly ventured into e-commerce through Fabletics, which is a company that she co-founded. The firm has been in business since 2013, and it has majored in offering trendy and relaxing activewear that can be worn to the gym or as casual clothes. The products that are sold by the company are of the best quality. They make the clients feel more active and confident since they are stylish. The firm has been ensuring that it offers the latest products by updating collections. It offers tops, bottoms, arm warmers, gloves, caps, gym bags, hair ties, hair bands, socks, and other accessories.


Amazon is a renowned company that provides e-commerce services, and more than 20 percent of online clients buy products from its store. Fabletics has been growing over the years, and it is slowly becoming it’s a major competitor the provision of sportswear. The enterprise has an annual growth rate of about 35 percent, and it has managed to increase its value to more than $250 million in the past three years. The popularity of the online firm’s products is rising, and it plans to open 12 physical stores this year. The new shops will be located in Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii. Fabletics currently run 16 stores that are situated in different parts of the country. Fabletics has been successful due to the excellent membership packages that it provides to the clients. It offers customized products to its client at relatively lower prices than all its competitors.


The e-commerce company has always been committed to establishing robust relationships with its customer by offering membership preferences and various engaging activities. The way that interacts with people has greatly assisted it to gain more clients. It understands the needs of every customer by offering a 60-second quiz where a stylist suggests products to an individual based on client experience, social media, fashion preferences, and lifestyle. The company has been selling its products by using “reverse showrooming” whereby subscribers are invited to view products that available in the stores. This tactic enables it to make more sells.


Individuals who would like to members of Fabletics are offered an opportunity to inform the company on their preferred size and style. The firm offers new subscribers two-piece outfits at a great discount during the first month. The products are valued at $49, but one pays $10 only. In the following months, clients still receive discounts but are required to pay $49.95 for products that are worth double the price. The cost of clothes is deducted from an individual’s credit card, and people can cancel their memberships for free. The company provides free gear, free shipping, and free returns to its VIP members whenever they buy products that are worth more than $49.95. Individuals who have subscribed as members can purchase products at the physical stores at a discounted price. According to Fabletics, about 30-50 percent of the clients who buy clothes from its shops are subscribers.

Rona Borre the Woman Entrepreneur

Rona Borre is a unique person

Rona Borre is a unique person in that she can see the vision and then act upon that vision. When she graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in business, she put it to good use and hired on to a global staffing and recruiting company where she worked her way through the hoops and wound up leading the company in sales and broke all of their sales records.


In 2001, Rona decided that she wanted to build a company and she used the spare bedroom in her Chicago condo for an office. She even dressed in a business suit in those days even though initially she was the first employee. Today she is the CEO and founder of that company, Instant Alliance, which is one of the fastest growing companies in the nation with bills in the millions of dollars.  Visit


Rona Borre’s formula is very simple. Early on she felt that there was not enough interaction between clients and the decision makers at recruiting companies, and the problem stemmed from a lack of real relationships between the two. The reason relationships have to occur is to foster a real dialogue in the determination of what kind of hire will fit the client’s company culture and what it will take to hire him or her.  Read related post on


Once these questions are answered, Borre states that her company can get to work and get the results needed by the client. Instant Alliance specializes in finance, and informational technology hires because these are the people who are instrumental in taking a company forward through the stagnation phase into a new surge of energetic growth. The program works well as evidenced by the mere 1% attrition rate that Instant Alliance has enjoyed with their placements from the beginning.