Protecting The Rights Of Whistleblowers

There are a lot of gray areas in our legal system today. We need to have specially trained attorneys in today’s day and age. Branching off from the traditional aspects of the law. The law is complex and we should have the right to seek legal counsel regardless of the circumstances. Many times people don’t know how to speak up about things or fear to do so. A not so common subject either by coincidence or government coverup is whistleblowers. We should feel free to expose a corrupt person or company that is doing unethical things, without having the fear of repercussions. Edward Snowden had performed the biggest data breach in United States history. With many views on this whistleblower’s actions, the consequences seem frightening on every level. Why get punished for exposing the truth? Will I go to jail for exposing a government agency that is doing something illegal? This has to be the questions that almost everyone asks when faced with these circumstances. It could be just the way you must go about it. Do you remember growing up when your parents said it’s better to respond than to react? In the case of whistleblowing, it’s actually good to do both. You can respond and react by consulting legal council specialized in this area. Getting legal advice first has to be the best step you could take towards the situation. The SEC Whistleblower Advocate was formed to help whistleblowers in taking the appropriate legal action when faced with complex situations. Getting educated how to approach things and what you can do to bring things to justice, is just one small step in getting the truth exposed properly. Labaton Sucharow was one of the first law firms committed to protecting the rights of whistleblowers. The practice is led by Jordan A. Thomas, a former executive in certain sectors of the SEC. With Mr. Thomas leading the way to protect the anonymity of whistleblowers, the SEC Whistleblower lawyers will soon begin to tear down walls. Now is the time to take a stand and report the wrongful deeds of others.

How to Make Use of an Online Reputation Firm


For anyone who has a blog or company website, it is vital that you do everything you can to get people interested in your brand. When you hire a company to do the work for you, it saves time on your part and ensures that the work is being done in the correct manner. Keep in mind that people who do online reputation management will definitely know what they are doing and can do the work for you in a more responsible manner than you would do on your own.

Not only can an online reputation management firm do the work for you at your own convenience, but they can also be quite affordable even for those on a strict budget. One of the newest and best companies out there is known as Bury Bad Articles. Bury Bad Articles can do this type of work for you at your own convenience to ensure that your whole company is working to the best of its ability. Whether this be to get rid of poor online reviews or anything else that might be hindering your company, this is why you need a company like Bury Bad Articles to help out.

There are a lot of benefits and reasons to consider working with Bury Bad Articles, but one of the main reasons is because they will do an amazing job at getting your reputation back and getting rid of anything that might be hurting your reputation in general. This is definitely a great option for all types of businesses as well as bloggers who may need to keep their visits up in order to get the money that they would like or need to stay in business.

Having an online-based site or business is definitely a wonderful way for you to bring in money, but it can also be an issue for those who might want to grow but are held back due to poor reviews and bad search engine results. The first step to getting to where you need to be is to consider hiring an online reputation management company. This company is there to assist in any and all ways that they can, allowing you to feel confident in the work being done. Be sure to contact Bury Bad Articles if this is a project that you would like to get done at your own convenience and for your own benefit.

FreedomPop Comes Up With Great WhatsApp Idea

WhatsApp is a perfect tool for sending messages. FreedomPop may be the perfect mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for those who want exceptional service without paying too much for it. Now, the two are coming together. FreedomPop has announced WhatsApp may be used for free at all times. Even when a subscriber completely and totally runs out of data, FreedomPop won’t shut off access to WhatsApp.

FreedomPop wants to succeed in the new market of Spain. In Spain, WhatsApp is tremendously popular. Connecting its service “unofficially” to Facebook’s WhatsApp is a smart move for the Los Angeles MVNO.

FreedomPop made a splash in the mobile world by coming up with a basic plan providing totally free amounts of phone minutes, texts, and data. Those quizzical about how FreedomPop could possibly make money by offering free service will find the answer to be fairly simple. The company offers more than just free service to its subscribers. Those who wish to upgrade to more expanded service are able to do so easily. Even when they are paying a set amount of money per month, the customers still end up getting a great deal. In the United States and the U.K., well over one-third of the customers upgrade to a paid service option. FreedomPop is banking on this good fortune to repeat itself in Spain and elsewhere.

The WhatsApp plan should work very well in Spain. History is sure to repeat itself. All the details about the plan are found in a nice VentureBeat article. The article is filled with interesting information about both FreedomPop and WhatsApp.

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Living the Dream–Why an Apartment is the Better Choice

Owning a home. It sounds great, some would call it ideal even. Home ownership has been tagged with the title American Dream for some time now. But is it really practical, especially in states such as New Jersey? We’ll take a look at all the reasons why renting an apartment is actually less stressful and more economic, and overall just the best choice. Then, we’ll talk about the best real estate companies to utilize when apartment hunting.

First of all, a house leaves you stuck with more than just the mortgage payment. Once you buy a house, you’re stuck in that city or town for the next several years, if not longer. If you decide that you no longer want to live there, leaving is a huge hassle–from finding someone who can take over mortgage payments, to making sure that the move won’t kill your credit.

Even just leaving for something as minor as a vacation can become a burden– in order to protect homes from thieves and vandals, most homeowners hire a house sitter, which is an added cost you wouldn’t need to pay if you were in an apartment. Learn more about Boraie Development LLC:

Speaking of costs, let’s talk finances for a moment. This tends to be the number one reason people choose to buy a home. The idea is that the cost of a house would still be cheaper than the monthly cost of an apartment, especially since you never gain ownership of an apartment. It sounds good, but how plausible is it? Consider this–while living in an apartment, any necessary repairs will be handled by the landlord’s staff. Additionally, rates for renter’s insurance are far less expensive than homeowner’s insurance. Really, apartments are more cost efficient.

When looking for an apartment in New Jersey, there is really only one company that is worth going through: Boraie Development. Boraie Development has helped to restore neighborhoods all over the state of New Jersey; New Brunswick is a shining example of this. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal partners up with Boraie Development to make every project a gleaming success. In 2012 alone, they were able to complete $10 million worth of renovations! When looking for a new apartment, Boraie is a safe, reliable choice. Click this link to read more: At Two Extremes of a Housing Market

TalkFusion’s very own Bob Reina is on FIRE in the video advertising world


It sounds cliché at first, but rings true through every single feature that TalkFusion offers. A lot of companies are wondering how they can stay involved with their fans, as well as grow their business outside of traditional search engine optimization and digital marketing methods. Basically, in what way can I display my message to the customers I already know, while meeting new ones in the process. Repeat business, after all, is pretty much the most important part of sales, or marketing in general even! You need people to keep coming back, since that’s money you don’t have to spend on advertising to bring them in!

TalkFusion is great because it offers a variety of different tools to use and abuse to your very liking. The ability to video chat, send video alerts, instant message and more, all in one easy, wrapped up platform is amazing! The other side of it that a lot of people don’t tack on to the obvious USE it provides is the compensation plan Bob Reina combined. You can actually get paid just by sharing TalkFusion with others, essentially creating a network of people who all advertise and stay in touch with their clients, customers and fans the same way.

It’s pretty revolutionary to say the least, because other companies have never packaged it in this way. There is no other company that provides people both a source of income and advertising power, with scaling benefits for being an active and growing distributor. TalkFusion has been a growing idea for awhile, and Bob Reina, the man behind it all is an absolute genius. You can see a lot of his work through various well-ranked information on most search engines. He has put all of his focus in to making sure that the company continues to grow, not just in its ability to offer its customers new, ever-changing options, but also catering to those who can not yet access TalkFusion from where they live.


Kyle Bass: Hedge Fund Savior Or Devil?

In an interview with Bloomberg News, CEO and hedge fund manager Kyle Bass is warning U.S. investors that China is not the place to put money these days.

China has a very weak and unstable economy, according to Bass. If this is the case, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Heyman Capital Management CEO has called it correct. In 2008, Bass famously predicted the bank collapse. A number of companies went bankrupt for leveraging worthless sub-prime mortgages. Bass, on the other hand, made several millions by begging against them.

At a recent global news conference, the billionaire said it just makes financial common sense to avoid China. “It’s not to say the economy won’t improve. It’s just that right now, they are in a very precarious position.” Bass is raising money for a dedicated fund for bets much like he did in 2008.

While many investors hang onto Bass’s every word, others aren’t so sure. Bass has a growing number of critics. Most of them say his prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis was pure luck.

Bass is surrounding himself with a pretty foul cast of characters that have reputations as crooks, liars and thieves. And everyone knows the saying about “birds of a feather.”

If Bass every had a magic touch, it is long gone, according to some. His chummy friendship with Argentinian despot Cristiana Fernandez de Kirchner has many eyebrows raising. Fernandez de Kirchner is taking a lot of heat for driving Venezuela into the dirt. And then there’s the odious Coalition For Affordable Drugs CEO Erich Spangenberg.

Spangenberg and Bass’s unholy alliance includes busting te patents of pharmaceutical companies and driving the drug costs up. In fact, Bass has challenged so many patents, the patent board is considering filing an abuse complaint.

CEO Jim McTeague calls Bass a bottom-feeder that has no shame. McTeague says Bass has burned many bridges and hopes he has somewhere to turn when the bottom really falls out.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Long, Storied Career


Shaygan Kheradpir, currently the CEO of Coriant, is an American businessman with more than 30 years’ experience in the tech sector. Kheradpir completed primary school in Iran then migrated to the United States to attend Cornell University. There, Kheradpir earned a master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering. Shaygan was first hired by GTE Corporation after graduating from Cornell University.

GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to form mobile giant Verizon Communications, where Shaygan Kheradpir started out as the new company’s CIO. At Verizon, Kheradpir oversaw the development of FiOS, a fiber optic internet project that consumed more than $20 billion of capital investments. Kheradpir was next hired by Barclays, an international bank, as COO/CTO. Kheradpir offered significant contributions towards the development of Pingit, a mobile payment system that was the first of its kind.

Shaygan’s next destination was Juniper Networks. In his short, nine-month tenure at the company, Shaygan created an Integrated Operating Plan and better developed Juniper’s Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking focus areas. After Juniper Networks, Shaygan found employment at Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Partner, a high-ranking executive position.

Shaygan Kheradpir transferred from Marlin Equity Partners to Coriant in 2015. Executives at Marlin Equity Partners, a financier of Coriant, and Coriant believed that Kheradpir’s extensive experience in the technological industry made him a good fit as CEO. So far, Shaygan Kheradpir has yet to disappoint.

Kheradpir has also served on Cornell University’s Engineering Council and the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology’s advisory board.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Offers Unique Awards For HVAC Workers

Goettli president Ken Goodrich offer awards and scholarships for people who are trying to get into the HVAC world for the first time. These people are fighting to have a chance to learn how to start a new career, and they are going to get that chance when they are given an award from Goettl.

The Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award is a really good award that pays $1000 for new tools for veterans who are getting out of school for HVAC work. They can take those tools to their first job, and they will get off on the right foot as they try to start a new job. It is something that all veterans would appreciate as they try to start a civilian career, and it is something that Goettl happily gives every year.
There is another scholarship that comes through Goettl for legacy workers who have family members who already work in HVAC. The scholarships and awards are just a way that people are able to get the resources that they need for their jobs. They need to have new tools that are going to help them stay on trend with their tools. They can keep these tools on their trucks, and they will be able to use them to do the job that they have trained to do. It is easy for people to apply for these awards at any time, and it is going to be something that helps people make the best of their new lives. Veterans are going to be able to make a change in their lives when they leave the service, and veterans are going to find that they can work with Goettl in the future. The Goettl Air Conditioning family wants to offer as much service to the community as possible.

Financial Help with Renting Properties Using Wealth Solutions

For a lot of people, renting out their home or business can help to bring in more money. This is a wonderful way to increase your daily revenue without having to do much. The problem that some landlords have is that they will be dealing with bad renters who do nothing for their business. They might damage the property or do other harm to the area so that you wind up losing money or deal with legal issues. This is why it is an absolute must that you both have rental insurance on your property as well as be working with a financial adviser who is going to be able to help you out.

A great company known as Wealth Solutions is there to assist you if you need it. Their financial advisory services will allow you to feel confident when doing any type of renting. This can prevent any problems that might come as a result of the work being done. Because a lot of landlords deal with rental problems, working with a company like Wealth Solutions takes the guesswork out of it all for you, allowing you to make smarter decisions when it concerns the type of rentals that you do.

Richard Blair is the owner and founder of the Wealth Solutions company and has made it his mission in life to assist those who are looking for financial advice. Richard Blair has years of experience when it comes to helping those who need assistance and he has worked with hundreds upon hundreds of people to successfully get them the information and help that they need. This is why so many people make use of Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair himself with amazing success.

Once you begin to work with Wealth Solutions, you will find that this takes the guesswork out of your finances for you. Whether you will be renting out a property or you are just looking for some solid financial advice on something else, Richard Blair is able to assist you and get you the help that you need. It is vital that you first contact Wealth Solutions and ask about the different services they can offer to you. This is a great start to working with this amazing company and seeing what they are able to do for you and allow you to feel confident in everything that you are having done for your finances.

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Remove Negative Reviews

Your reputation could earn a lot for you. A lifetime of hard work and honesty could go a long way. In business and marketing, this is known as branding. If you brand yourself as somebody who is concerned with ethical business practices, people are going to want to business with you. Further, if you were to establish yourself as an expert in some industry, people would want to hear your insight about a particular topic and they would assume that you would provide excellent products or services. This is what your reputation can do for you. But while your reputation gives, it will always take away.

One Mistake
Everybody makes mistakes. There are things that you do not want to think about because they make you cringe and fill you with regret. You might stay awake at night thinking about something foolish that you said. Beyond that, you may have made a colossal mistake, and no matter how much you try to forget, everybody is there to remind you of what you did. The Internet never forgets. That old mistake that you made keeps rising up. There are pictures of you at your most immodest. There are reviews of your actions. These things may have happened ten years ago, but nonetheless, they remain on the Internet, testifying about you.

Public Humiliation
People may give you another chance. But they will always wonder when your next outburst will be. You will tell them that it was a mistake, and you will need to explain yourself over and over again throughout the course of your life. You will be humiliated again and again just because something was posted on the Internet and everybody sees it. Anybody who does a search for your name sees it.

BBA Can Help
Just when you think it is hopeless and you are ready to move to some third world country wherein nobody has access to the Internet, a company like Bury Bad Articles emerges. They can bury negative results that smear you and defile your reputation. Rather than your old mistake emerging, you can highlight the positive aspects of your character.