Glen Wakeman: Training New Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

Starting a business can be a scary and trying time for new entrepreneurs. Wasted time, money, and business failure are among the fears of every business owner. That is why it is important to seek sound advice that will give one the ability to make the most out of their venture. That’s where Glen Wakeman comes in. Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur known for his 20-year success as a nomadic worker at General Electric. Thanks to Glen, General Electric now has a multinational establishment that has close to $12 billion in assets. It also gives more than 17,000 people the ability to work and take care of their families. Glen Wakeman started Launchpad Holdings, which is a business that helps new entrepreneurs in the first stages of business start-up. It came about as Glen began to notice how many people would come to him asking for advice on how to start up their business. Each person wanted information on a different type of business. That is when Glen realized that he could make a positive difference in the lives of entrepreneurs by helping them manage their new business. Some of the industries Glen received questions on were retail shops, babysitting, and even roller coaster builders. Taking note of the patterns in their questions led to the creation of his business that reached more people. Launchpad is a software that leads patients to success through a series of questions. It helps entrepreneurs create a foundation for success in their business. It operates off of a five-step method. The first step is marketing. Marketing focuses on the ability to create a product that will benefit consumers. Next, there is the operational stage that focuses on the steps needed to accomplish the business’s goals. The third step engages business owners and their team members in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses so that they can use them to the best of their ability to make the company a success. The fourth step is understanding and planning financially. The final step is risk management. Understanding the risk is the most critical step as taking the wrong risks can cause the business to fail. Taking the right risks will cause the business to succeed.

Contributions of Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Pharmaceuticals, LLC. He has served in the firm since 2010, through which he has conducted a vast number of researchers to help individuals suffering from rare disease. He has revolutionized the health sector through his development of various medicines, most of which have been approved by FDA. Dr. Jeff has seen the firm grow into one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world and his success has been associated with his great leadership skills. The renowned medical practitioner has seen the firm invent a vast number of medications and the high rate of their approval is a clear proof of his expertise in the medical sector.

The medical firm is highly focused on helping such people who struggle with such diseases for which there are either a few treatments available or non-exist at all. Paragon pharmaceutical also focuses on the development of innovative medical companies with the intention of creating new prescription medications and pioneering treatments. Through its vast number of firms, Paragon pharmaceutical has successfully brought a smile at the faces of most of the individuals suffering from rare conditions.

Dr. Jeff is passionate about teamwork and sharing ideas with other medical experts and he has over the recent years focused on research and study of science concerning the major causes of such conditions as well as the major ways through which they can be solved.

Besides his medial career, Dr. Jeff is also a great entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has developed great business plans as well as exercised admirable leadership skills that have seen him succeed in his ventures. He is also passionate about sharing ideas and developmental strategies with young people concerning the field of health, and he has always encouraged them to pursue their dreams. He is a role model to many people and his ability to tackle complicated issues in the field of medicine has seen him gain a great reputation. He has also showcased a unique understanding of complicated research methods adopted the right treatment for rare conditions. His contributions to the health sector have seen him acquire a lot of fame.

Bruno Fagali: Hiring A Good Law Firm Or Lawyer

Are you searching for an expert to handle your legal problems for you? Do you want to get a good lawyer or law firm in Brazil? Perhaps you are running a business or corporation and need a qualified legal advisor to guide you.

Bruno Fagali has been advising a wide variety of clients in Brazil and is well recognized in the industry. Bruno Fagali has access to top notch resources and talent to address business and personal legal matters effectively. His clients come from all walks of life and are happy with the quality of service he provides. If you are serious about getting the best possible legal solutions, then check out Bruno Fagali right away.

When you start your business, or get into investing, one of the first steps that you need to take is get a lawyer. Along with choosing a business structure and registering your business or organization, you need to get your legal issues in order. The best way to ensure that your business operates legally and successfully is to retain an experienced lawyer. Getting a business lawyer is a great way to ensure that your legal matters will be addressed appropriately.

You need to hire a reliable lawyer to handle your legal issues if you are involved in a dispute or other situation. Your lawyer will help remove the stress and strive to get you a favorable outcome. Choose the best lawyer you can afford.

Bruno is an experienced Brazilian lawyer and he works hard to advise and represent his clients. He is passionate about meeting the needs of his clients and he will fight for you. He focuses in the areas of Regulatory Law, Administrative Law and Ethics. He also handles cases pertaining to Urban Law and Compliance.

Bruno Fagali has a good understanding of how to apply the law to address tough cases. Whether you’re dealing with a breach of contract issue, or you are having a disagreement with an associate, Bruno can handle the case for you. He has an established history of obtaining great outcome.

Sightsavers-Helping Rid the World of Trachoma

CEO of Sightsavers, Caroline Harper, talked about trachoma in Vancouver in order to bring attention to the very present problem that many people face in some areas of the world. Trachoma is one of the largest causes of blindness, and it is infectious. Harper was wearing a pair of tweezers on a chain around her neck to represent what lengths girls in Africa have to go to in order to gain a small amount of relief from the horrible effects of the vicious disease. They use tweezers to pull out their eyelashes that are rubbing on their corneas because of the scar tissue that causes them to become introverted.


Over 182 million people are close to becoming blind because of the disease which is preventable and treatable. This one disease is wreaking havoc on entire communities. Fortunately, thanks to alliances in global health, many countries have been able to eliminate trachoma. Morocco was one of them and banished the disease in 2016. In 2017 Mexico, Laos, and Cambodia were rid of the disease as well. About six other countries are not far behind.

They would not have been able to achieve their freedom from the debilitating diseases if members such as Sightsavers had not joined forces together and worked together under the SAFE strategy. SAFE is short for surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, and environmental improvement. It is an effective strategy that works and the Tropical Data service is making it possible to gather important information on where such programs have been successful and where they are needed.

The Audacious Project part of Sightsavers has included trachoma as one of its projects since they realize that the only thing preventing many countries from having complete freedom from the devastating disease is simply resources. Ridding the world of trachoma is a huge but attainable feat.

PSI-Pay: the Kerv ring and the new form of payment

For a long time, notes and coins were the only form of payment one could use. As technology advanced, people got used to paying with debit and credit cards and many began to use those solely. More recently, contactless payments through mobile phones became more popular as they have come to be accepted by more and more businesses. We think we’re living in the future, but there’s a company called PSI-Pay that is pushing the technology even further. Now you won’t even need a cell phone to make payments.

Physical money is being used less often now and there’s a chance it might just disappear. In Britain, 50% of all transactions are now made through cards. In the UK as a whole, electronic transactions have outnumbered cash payments for the first time in history. The game is about to change thanks to PSI-Pay and their new contactless payment ring. Through a partnership with Kerv Wearables, Psi has created a ring that will allow you to complete a transaction by simply waving your hand. The contactless ring uses RFID technology and provides for an easy checkout without even needing to punch a pin.

In case you’re worried about someone hacking into your ring, it has been engineered to work at a very close distance only. In the case that an unauthorized user might get the chance to use it, the company has provided customers with a zero liability insurance. The contactless payment system is becoming so common that it has even reached the Church of England. Dozens of Churches in the country are now equipped with terminals able to receive donations through contactless electronic payment. The UK Cards association provided information that over 100 million contactless cards have recently been issued.

PSI-Pay is receiving good feedback

In 2014, PSI-Pay’s revenue increased by 15% and benefited from a gross profit increase of 43% from the previous year. For 2015, the company benefited by yet another financial increase. Income revenue again increased by another 45% and volumes increased by nearly 30%.

The company has continued to see a steady growth and increase in revenue. It expects to continue growing over the next couple of years. PSI-Pay Ltd is authorized by the FCA and is a Principal Member of MasterCard®. PSI-Pay is recognized worldwide for ecoPayz, their secure online digital account system. PSI-Pay’s system has now spread to 173 countries and allows customers to complete transactions in 43 different currencies.

William Saito on Improving Internet Safety

William Saito is a cyber-security professional. He is an expert at his work and knows there are things he can do to make the work better for everyone else who needs it. He also knows there are things that will continue working so he can make things better. Even when William Saito started offering positive experiences for the people he worked with, he knew he could try different things. There were always opportunities he could take advantage of the technology that helped him come up with the experiences he had. Cybersecurity keeps getting better and William Saito keeps standing behind all the things that are going on.

Even though technology continues to change, William Saito knows he can do things that will help make it better. He also knows there are certain routes he can take to become a better part of the way things are done. By always looking at these things, William Saito knows what it means to be better, get better and rise above all the opportunities people have. Thanks to William Saito, everyone can enjoy different opportunities and they can do things that will help make cybersecurity better.

The advances William Saito came up with are better than things that most people have done. He always knew there were positive experiences he could use and things that would make sense for him. He also knew technology would be better if there was someone supporting cybersecurity. Since William Saito worked so hard to come up with new cybersecurity opportunities, he could do things the right way when nobody else could. It was his goal of helping that made it easier for him to continue showing people what they could do. He did everything he could to make it easier on those who needed his help.

Depending on the issues people had and the things they wanted to learn, William Saito felt good about teaching them different things. He also felt like it was his goal of helping that made it easier to show people how they could get better experiences while they were using the Internet. Cybersecurity is wildly important to William Saito. He knows how to make sure things are going to work for people who use it and how to ensure those people get the best chance no matter what they’re doing. William Saito makes a lot of effort to keep showing people they can be more successful.

Article re-cap on Campaign Software

NGP VAN is a software development company that specializes in creating interactive platforms for web and database hosting. The company based in Washington DC provides persons and organization with web and mobile tools that help them mobilize their support through information dissemination they can also use platforms to fund raise and receive feedback from their supporters.

NGP VAN was formed out of the idea that the landscape of the United States campaign has changed from a time where it involved the candidates doing a labor-intensive drive to a period where the battles are run virtually through technologically intensive methods. The internet has been used to reach out to people who are far and wide, and within concise time information can be shared.

It is through this idea that NGP VAN has been at the forefront of designing contemporary voter models that help Democrats leaders running for office identify the potential base of its voters on a large scale and mobilize them to turn out in the Election Day. President Barrack Obama’s election in 2008 and his subsequent re-election in 2012 are proof of the company’s technology-focused campaign strategy that relied on social media and a focus of the voters’ big data.

Political parties that make use of new technologies in their camping strategies always improve the popularity of its leaders significantly. An excellent example of such a person is President Franklin De Roosevelt who harnessed the power of radio and television which was new concept than to run his campaigns effectively and it saw him get re-elected to office in four terms. Barrack Obama through the NGP VAN utilized the internet and other technologies to mobilize voters, a web-based platform which enabled his supporters to host meet-ups and engage in canvassing became the very pillar of his success in being elected to office.

The use of technology as a campaign strategy is however complicated than it seems, the tech landscape is changing at a breakneck pace with new ideas and inventions outsmarting earlier developments. Founded in 1997 as a Voter Activation Network NGP VAN has developed software suits that collect and analyze voter information to track the campaign progress and encourage voters to connect with the campaign. The tools provided also help donors to easily and quickly donate funds using a platform that keeps track of donations and donors making it easy for the political parties to file the contributions with the Federal Election Commission. The company has also developed mobile applications due to the high use of the Smartphone to reach an extensive section of users.

Psi-Pay Moves To Make Contactless Payment The Wave Of The Future

The British Retail Consortium recently reported that over half of the purchases made in Britain were executed with the use of credit cards. This number can soon grow considerably due to the effort of Psi Pay and affiliate Kerv Wearables who have introduced the first cashless payment system to the international market.

The time may soon be at hand when consumers can say a permanent goodbye to keeping cash in their wallet or keying pin numbers as contactless payments grow in popularity.

The report by the BRC marks the first time in the United Kingdom that sales completed with credit cards were higher in volume than traditional cash sales.

Contactless payment systems are often referred to as “wave and pay” methods and have been seen in the UK for a decade now. Presently, contactless payment is the method of choice for a third of all transactions in the country.

The Church of England has even taken notice of the popularity of contactless payment and has added collection terminals in forty locations to facilitate the collecting of donations from members.

The Psi Pay offering with Kerv works by outfitting uses with rings that are designed in a variety of sizes and for both sexes. The rings are built to be water resistant and withstand scratches.

The rings will now be available globally and are powered by either RFID or near-field communication technology. No pin or signature is required to complete a transaction and the limit on transaction amounts is set by individual banks and differ depending on the country in which the ring is being used. The transaction limit in the United Kingdom is 30 pounds. Rings by Kerv are connected to a card if larger expenditures are desired.

Psi Pay is leading the way in the proliferation of contactless payments. The firm is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the British Government and is a Fintech company.

Psi Pay is staffed by professionals with considerable skill and expertise in the industry and has provided contact payment solutions in Great Brittain and abroad since 2007. Psi Pay takes its policy series and does all in its power to operate on “transparency, clarity, and efficiency.

Kerv is credited with the creation of the contactless payment ring that was launched as part of a partnership with Psi Pay. The first device of its kind to be used by consumers has become a popular alternative for customers who have tired of carrying cash and credit cards.

Billboard Music Awards by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an American DJing duo group. The Chainsmokers are at the top of their game and are becoming well known for some of their best hits. They haven’t been around but for about three years and they have had several top charts hits in the process. They have won a variety of awards. Even recently they went on towing a couple of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards for their hit single “Paris.” But this was not the first time they won a Billboard music awards. They have also won a Grammy, MTV music awards, iHeart radio music awards, and more.

The Chainsmokers have won awards for “Paris” “Closer” “Don’t let me down” “Something just like this” and “memories…do not open.” The hits they put out are always on the top of the charts and receive a significant amount of success. They create electronic music, dance music, pop music, and electronic pop.

Since forming 2012 they have released seven different albums. Honest in 2017, Something just like this in 2017, Memories do not open in 2017, college in 2016, The Chainsmokers- Japan Special Edition in 2016, roses in 2016, and bouquet in 2015. They also have a new music coming out which will feature a darker side of their work.

Before the Chainsmokers Alex Pall lived in New York and DJed on the side, but one day decided to pursue his dream and make it his career. He quit his day job and worked hard for his dream to become a reality.

Andrew Taggart lived in Maine and was a college student with at the current time and he wanted to become a famous DJ. He was one day told that the chainsmokers needed another person to make their duo group. He took his opportunity and took a bus straight to New York to meet Alex. They started making music and became a huge success. They are now creating music for millions of fans to love!

Fortress Investment Group Welcomes New Leadership Roles!

Established in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is a top notch, and highly diversified investment manager with about $ 40 million assets under its management. As of the end of 2017, the company registered tremendous growth thanks to the high qualifications of its leaders. More than that, this firm has continued to thrive under the management’s leadership dockets.

Background Information

Moreover, Fortress Investment Group has often welcomed new partnerships depending on the objective they have to the business. That is why recently, the management announced its acquisition. Of course, for a company to receive buy out requests, there must be something positive it is up to. In the case of Softbank Group sealing a deal to acquire Fortress Investment Group, the explanation is vivid and cannot be doubted. To understand why Softbank Group decided to acquire Fortress Investment Group, let us peruse its portfolio;

Softbank’s Portfolio

Softbank is one of the largest companies in the world not only by revenue but also in service delivery. In fact, the company has been rated the 72nd largest according to one Fortune Magazine. Over and above, it is the seventh largest firm in Brazil. Following these features, it is evident that Softbank is in a position to acquire Fortress Investment Group. However, that is not the only point for acquisition. From the look of the entire transaction, the company has identified a particular market that requires its technological input. Therefore, to be successful in this project of finance, the company has decided to buy significant ownership shares from Fortress Investment Group.

The Transition

First announced in early 2018, the transaction has been completed, and Fortress will continue to be led by the current management of Peter Brigers, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens. Perhaps this is a strategically placed to maintain the firm’s ability to deliver its services exquisitely. From the look of the transition, Fortress Investment Group will continue to offer the same services henceforth. Here are some of the services the company has provided for years;

Industry Knowledge

When it comes to service provision, Fortress Investment Group prides itself on having extensive industry knowledge in the companies it invests in. Over the years, the firm has developed a strong team of investment managers who boast of significant expertise alongside relationships that can contribute to the growth of the company.

The General Observation

Although Fortress Investment Group is shifting to Softbank Group, the company will retain its leadership and ensure that its purpose in the financial services industry is fulfilled.