Shafik Sachedina Successful Career at Ismaili Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a respected figure who has brought so many changes in the medical profession. The renowned dentist was born in Tanzania many years ago. Since childhood, the businessman knew that he had a calling to venture into the medical field. His parents decided that they were going to relocate to a different country, and they took Shafik Sachedina with him. The young man acquired most of his education in London where his parents relocated to.

By the time he was graduating from school, the businessman was ready to practice dentistry and assist people who were experiencing difficulties with their dental help. In his career, the medical expert has managed to conduct thousands of dental surgeries, and he has assisted very many people in the world.

The medical professional can be a complicated area. Apart from requiring many years of experience and training, the few people who succeed in this field must be passionate about treating patients and taking care of humanity. Dentists require more years at the university due to the kind of work they have to take care of. For Sachedina, things were not any easier. The businessman underwent the tough training at one of the leading universities in the world, University of London so that he could become an expert in dental surgery. This excellent training has been instrumental in his career.


Although the businessman has spent his career in dentistry, he has been involved in various community initiatives. The businessman is one of the influential figures at the prestigious Ismaili community. At this capacity, the renowned medical professional has been committed to making sure that the needy individuals in the society are not neglected. Getting nominated to head the prestigious institution is not a walk in the park. The few personalities who have worked in the organization are believed to be highly experienced and dedicated to charity work. His great leadership skills have played a role in the nomination to this post. The businessman has made sure that the organization meets all its goals in time.

Several years ago, the businessman realized that the individuals living with mental disabilities were being ignored in the society. The medical expert also noted that the senior people in the society were the most affected by mental problems. This is why Sachedina has founded a medical facility that is known as Sussex Health Care. The company has become very popular in the recent times, and it has won many hearts.

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