Tony Petrello: CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a corporate CEO in Texas. He is the CEO in the lucrative oil and natural gas drilling industry. His position has enabled him to earn huge salaries which put him in the ranks of the richest people in the corporate sector. The latest statistics put his yearly earnings at $68 million. He has genuinely earned his money by helping Nabors Industrious become a top company in the oil industry. Since his appointment in 2011, he has steered the company in the right direction which has seen it become a top player in the global oil and natural gas drilling sector.Tony Petrello was appointed to the position of the CEO despite lacking any education on business-related courses. Throughout his studies, he dealt with mathematics and legal matters.

At the Yale University he obtained Masters Degree in Mathematics while at the Harvard School of law, he obtained a degree in law. He joined legal practice for a few years before Nabors Industries spotted him. Tony impressed the management of Nabors industries with his expertise on problems solving. His possessed unique abilities to solve problems. His experience solving mathematical and legal problems seemed to help him when dealing with other challenges.Tony Petrello was born in New Jersey. He was brought up in a neighborhood that had great value for work ethics. He grew up knowing that he needed to seek hard for everything that he intended to own. This upbringing has been the difference between him and other unscrupulous business people who take shortcuts in earning their wealth.

Many Wall Street billionaires cannot show proof of how they have earned their money. Tony Petrello on his side has visible performance record which can be attributed to his success.Tony Petrello has positively impacted the society. Since he joined Nabors industries, he has created job opportunities for hundreds of people. His ideas have not only benefited him alone. He has helped many other people put food on the table for their families. Tony Petrello is doing something else to impact the society; he is engaging in charity work meant to support the community with some of the problems they are encountering. He is part of initiatives meant to improve medical care in Texas as well as educational programs at the Yale University. Tony Petrello is setting good precedence where the successful people in the society can go back to their community and initiate projects that will assist the less privileged in the society.