Philanthropist and Financier- Peter Briger

Asset management is what he has been doing since he began his career. Peter Briger is referred to as a leader and a financial professional based in San Fransisco, California. After his high school graduation, Peter joined Princeton University and later Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, and he graduated with a degree in MBA. Currently, Mr. Peter serves as the Principle and the Co- Charmain of Fortress Investment Group which is an International investment company. Ever since his appointment as the co-Chairman in 2009, Peter has been responsible for various operations as well as the management of the firm. Fortress Investment Group has given Peter the duty of overseeing their real estate as well as the company’s credit fund.

Peter Briger has served in other organizations including Goldman Sachs where he was given an obligation of managing a number of businesses. Briger is a leader who has shown positive leadership skills and this character has given him an opportunity of serving on various committees among them Asian Management Committee, as well as Global Control and Compliance Committee. His vast experience in finance, as well as the investment sector, gave Peter an opportunity to manage different divisions which include Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund, as well as Asian Distressed Debt business. Mr. Briger does not only work at Fortress as the Chairman and the Principle of the group, instead, but he also has other responsibilities in the community including serving as the Board of Directors for the Princeton University Investment Company. He has a passion for the environment, and he has been supporting other organization with the same initiatives.

Peter also funded the Central Park Conservancy. Ever since the start of his career, Peter Briger has been working with other associates, and he has gained more knowledge as well as experience making him prominent in the corporate world. Peter Briger values his clients, and they come first, he has built a secure connection with his customers. Apart from business Peter Briger is also a humanitarian he has been very active in community work. Among the organizations, he supports include the Silicon Valley Leadership Council which he is responsible for the Global Fund for children. Council on Foreign Relations is another group where Peter is a member. Council on Foreign Relations is a nonpartisan organization which has a mandate of promoting a broader knowledge of foreign policy among elected government officials as well as citizens. Forbes has listed Petr Briger among the 400 business professionals in the United States.


With over $75 million under assets management and a workforce of about 953 employees, Fortress Investment Group LLC is the world’s leading assets and investment management group with 216 investment professionals. It is based in New York with affiliate offices in Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, and China. It was founded in 1998 as a private equity company by Wesley R Edens and Rob Kauffman. It was the first large private firm in America to be traded publicly when it was launched on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007. Its’ broad experience and expertise on a range of investment strategies such as credit, private equity, assets, and the liquid market has enabled it to attract and represent over 1750 institutional clients and private investors across the globe. Its’ management committee has years of experience, and that has been effective in making it flourish for the past two decades.Fortress Investment core competencies are in operation management, industry knowledge, capital markets, corporate mergers, and acquisitions.

They are famous for their excellent services in real estate related investment, debt securities, and hedge funds. It was acquired for $3.3 billion, a far cry from its $7 billion valuations during its initial public offering, by the Japanese firm SoftBank, which also owns the US wireless carrier Sprint. Before the deal was announced, shares in Fortress rose by 6.5% to $ 6.21 and after-market trading it rose to a further $7.78 a 25.3% increase. Mr Son, Softbank’s owner, stated that the firm would remain an independent entity with the SoftBank group and the leadership team of Fortress continuing in their current roles.According to Fortress Investment employees, the firm provides valuable experience for one to learn and grow professionally, gives great benefits and has excellent internal human resource. Fortress Investment Group has one of the most active investment groups on social media as part of their commitment to customer service. By keeping things up to date, it allows them to show potential business clients and customers what they are doing.

Having an account also allows them to share exciting information about the industry. In 2010, Fortress Investment provided construction loan of $875 million to Millennium Development Group for the construction of Winter Olympics athlete’s village. It then handled the ownership of the property back to the Investment firm when the games ended.Fortress Investment recently loaned $65 million to Theramos to help it remain solvent and viable with another $10 million should the company win the regulatory clearance to market the Zika assay in Europe or US. However, according to Theramos’ C.E.O Elizabeth Holmes, its cash reserves are expected to dip below $3 million which is significant as per the term of the loan which included the provision of a minimum $3 million liquid threshold. Should Theramos default on the loan, Fortress could take full control where it will oversee a foreclosure sale or monetize its assets taking out a three times return on its investment. With cash depleting, Holmes is laying out employees except for technical, financial, legal and administrative staff.

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