The Effects of Success of People Like Susan McGalla

One thing that can be said about success is that it changes the world for a lot of people, especially when it comes to a first time occurrence. For instance, Susan McGalla is a woman who has succeeded in the business world. She has held leadership positions and has even started a business. This has inspired women and let them know that they can do some of the things that Susan has done. After all, people need an example or a reminder that the sky is the limit. For women, Susan McGalla has provided this example. Therefore, she has inspired women to aim for their goals.

One thing that Susan McGalla has done was get involved in fashion. This is one of the industries that women are really at home in. However, the fashion industry was dominated by men at the time Susan McGalla has started. One thing that she has done was avoid walking around with a chip on her shoulder. She has instead worked on the tasks and come up with ideas to bring the companies she works for greater success. Some fashion companies have opened up new lines of clothing because of her ideas and encouragement to the company.

As of right now, she owns her own marketing company. Among the things she does with her company is market clothing to the fans of Pittsburgh Steelers. While Susan is into fashion, she is also a sports fan. Her father was a coach who has taught her what true equality is. She did not get any breaks on account of her gender. Therefore, she has come to understand that people are human before their genders. Also, she is one of the people that talk about practical solutions for women without getting into the pandering and patronizing to them.

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