The efforts being made by David Osio to increase philanthropy globally

David Osio has been involved in a number of charitable courses over the past decade. He collaborates with a number of non-profit organizations in the communities where he develops his businesses. As his financial services continue to grow, he is embarking on taking his charities global.
When he was a member of the Miami Orchestra, Board, he supported the Miami symphony orchestra, (MSO). David stated that his company is really delighted to be in a position to support the orchestra for another year. He reiterated that he was happy their donations kept the company going year after year.

Another charity that he supports is the Children’s orthopedic foundation which he contributes to annually. He states that everything helps a low when it comes to the medical research aimed at helping children. He states that he hopes that one day; it will be possible to make a financial difference for the said cause.

David is the CEO of Davos Financial Advisory Group. He leads the company in all its operations in both the local and international markets. Under his tenure as CEO, the company has seen tremendous growth. He is the reason behind the increase in the income levels of the company. The company has its head office in New York. However, they have offices in major cities such as Geneva, Lisbon, Miami and Panama City. When the company goes to a new city, they look or a charitable cause they can support.

The other programs and charities that have been supported by the company include the Fundana foundation, the Wayuu Taya foundation and the Saludarte foundation of art in Miami. David has received international and international awards as a result of his charitable efforts.

David started his career in Venezuela after graduating with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. He first worked as a director at the legal desk in MGO. He offered legal counsel to multinational companies such as the consolidated bank and Ferro. He then took up a leading position in the Miami branch of the Banco Latino International. Ten years later, he completed his studies at the institution of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. Later, he studied management of investment portfolios in the New York Finance Institute. David is the ideal example of a business leader that started from the ground, has built a company of great reputation and is using his position to give back to society.