UpWork’s Incredible Resources for Freelancers

Since 2015, Upwork has become the world’s largest online home for finding employment for freelancers in a multitude of varying fields. In March 2017 it was reported that the service had fourteen million users in over one hundred and eighty countries worldwide with around one billion in annual billing. It’s easy to see that when freelancers are looking for work, Upwork is their first choice, and business is booming. Not only do Upwork offer some of the most expansive job listings in many areas of freelance work, they also provide blogs, FAQs, and top of the line technical support to ensure progression for their members.

One such blog, 10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List, is an excellent example of just the kind of business assistance, and skill building tools, that Upwork makes available to their fourteen million members daily. This blog post, like all of their additions, makes available some incredibly useful knowledge to any freelancer, or anyone else who is feeling overworked, is craving focus, and wishes to exceed their present abilities. It may be easy to scoff at the post’s implication that there are in fact several varying magic formulas for completing your to-do list, but once you reach the meat of the content, it becomes obvious that this is just what was missing in your everyday work regiment.

Incredibly, the offerings in this post, aimed at conquering your to-do list, are simple ways of applying your time and when explained by the author really make sense as to how they will help you make the most of your work days. You will be shown how taking a moment to organize your to-do list in one place, preparing your list before hand, and having the ability to ‘zoom in and out’, will allow you to take your work to the next level. Time is taken to elaborate on just how these behaviors are detrimental in achieving your best, and offers apps and websites, such as ClickUp, that can assist you in conquering your overwhelming to-do list. Through their informative blog posts, excellent technical services, and superb job listings across industries, Upwork provides many indispensable resources for the freelancing community.